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Located on the route to Dalat in the Lac Duong region, surrounded by high and impressive mountains of over 2’000 meters, hidden under the old pine forest and along the plateau of basaltic dark red clay on very fertile soil, our Arabica coffee is maturing with a high nutritional value and the coffee beans are developing their unique fragrance profile – quintessence of the interaction between heaven and earth. Our coffee is of similar quality as some of the best coffees of the world like the Blue Mountains coffee from Jamaica, with a sweet and very balanced taste.

You will admire the majestic natural beauty, visit the coffee farm, attend a coffee production workshop based on the traditional formula stored in Chappi Moutains Coffee. You can also explore the beauty of the village, meet local people and enjoy the typical culture of the region. In particular, you will have a chance to see the full process of coffee production: from planting a coffee tree to roasting the green beans, and finally enjoying the delicious and famous coffee drops. 

Optionally you will also have the opportunity to attend the Gong dance, where music, nature, and people are passionate together.

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► Dalat ⇔ Chappi Mountains Coffee

► Nhatrang ⇔ Chappi Mountains Coffee

Trip information

  • Start city: Nhatrang or Dalat
  • Place: Chappi Mountains Coffee
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Departure: Daily tour, join tour

About the tour


- Pickup and carry back to hotel

- Welcome drink/coffee

- Lunch

- Water

- 250g coffee gift

- Liability insurance



- More, other or special food and drinks

- Tip for driver, guides

Detailed day wise itinerary

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  • 07:45: Pick up at the defined meeting point

    - Starting the trip to Lam Dong plateau. On the way, you can admire and feel the peacefulness of the countryside by the intensive green vegetation, the red fertile basalt soil and the fresh air.

    - Stopping in the middle of the journey on the mountain pass to enjoy the unique panoramic view of the mountain, forest and the valley. Take a deep breath of clean, fresh mountain air and take some pictures

  • 10:30: Arriving at the Chappi Mountains Coffee location – welcome coffee and introduction

    - Tour guides will pick you up to visit the coffee growing region. Arabica coffee grows on mountain slopes with NO use of chemicals which would have an adverse impact on coffee quality.

    - Take part in the daily living activities of our local village people.

    - Visit coffee farms and attend a coffee workshop at Chappi Mountains Coffee location to learn more about coffee beans and coffee quality.

  • 11:45: You will have lunch with locally sourced and unique tasting food from the region. Then, you will have the opportunity to take a nap after lunch and feel the peace of the mountains and forests.

  • 13:30: Introduction to the finer art of coffee making

    - Tour guides & staff will introduce you to the process of coffee production from planting to harvesting to processing the cherries. Finally you will be roasting and grinding coffee beans by yourself & enjoying the “quintessence of heaven and earth” on the spot. You can bring your made-by-yourself Chappi Mountains Coffee home as a gift for your relatives (250g of Robusta included, more coffee products available in the Chappi Mountains coffee shop).

  • 15:30: You will have various options for choice (also depending on the weather):

    - Option 1: Countryside walk: You can visit the village or just enjoy the wild nature of the peaceful plateau with a beautiful walk into the region, our local guides are more than happy to show you around.

    - Option 2: Go and visit the typical local fish production.

    - Option 3: Go to see a waterfall and a lake in the jungle.

    - Capturing memorable moments with your companions.

  • 16:30: Gathering at the meeting point to take the journey back to Nha Trang.



- It is recommended to bring closed shoes and adequate clothes (long trousers, pullover/jacket and cap/hat) with you, suitable for walking in the forest, on dirt roads and in coffee fields. NO flip flops, sandals, high heels or short pants!



- Cancel from 15 days before departure: No cancellation fee.

- Cancel from 8~14 days before departure: Tour cancellation fee is 50% of total tour price.

- Cancel from 0~7 days before departure: Tour cancellation fee is 100% of total tour price.

- Tour cancellation time is canculated for business day, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holiday.

- Tour cancellation must be notified directly to TGROUP or by email and must be verified by TGROUP. We do not accept phone cancellation.

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