Service and payment policy

Service and payment policy

I. Booking and confirming service procedure

Customers choose a desired product. allows customers to review, supplement, modify and confirm the transaction content. However, customers have to express agreement with the General Transaction Terms and Conditions before using online ordering function to submit a contract offer.

Tgroup will receive the contract offer right after it is submitted. However, the order needs to be confirmed and it is only confirmed when satisfying the order fulfillment criteria at

To have the order to be confirmed quickly, customers should provide correct and complete information regarding delivery or the terms and conditions of the promotion (if any) that you participate.

The transaction process consists of five following steps:

Whenever you want to book a travel service on, we will help you to make the order by simple and convenient steps:


Step 1: Search for information

With the smart search engine of, you can find your hotel quickly and accurately.

 a. Searching for hotels, means of transportation, tourism package by a text search system

Enter the keywords and click on Search. You can search by name of the hotel, tourist place, site, amusement park, etc. Besides, you could choose date, number of people, number of tourism services. The system will return results quickly and accurately.

b. Search by map

Fill in or click on the city name on the map. The system will display a list of services and hotels in the searching area.

c. also supports quick search

 All you need to do is providing requirements relating to hotel amenities, as well as distance limit, price, star rating…, the system will display the most appropriate results to your preference.


Step 2: Select tourism service

Providing booking tourism service information, including name as well as start date and end date of the service, number of guests, special requests, etc.


Step 3: Check Email and shopping cart for confirming message of the service that has just been set

Check your email box for the email sent from This is an email confirming the service you have just booked.


Step 4: Choose form of payment

Choose one of the following methods to pay for the tourism services you have selected in step 2.


Credit card or ATM card

As soon as customers choose to pay for the booking tourism services by credit card or ATM card, the total cost will be announced at the travel booking page before you click the Accept button. As for credit cards, based on the currency in the card and card issuing terms, you will be charged for exchange rates and other fees with the consent of you, as the Card Member, and your card provider. However, tgroup will pay that fee for you; or



As soon as choosing to pay for the booking tourism services in cash, customers will pay at TGROUP office within 24 hours of the transaction.

After receiving payment by card or in cash, TGROUP will send a tourism service confirmation code to you.

Note: A payment gateway is provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for payment and performing transactions directly on the system of A payment gateway includes Onepay or other lawful payment gateways recognized by law.


Step 5: Get confirmation of successful booking tourism service via email

Successful booking tourism service will be confirmed by via email. Besides, specific information such as method and result of payment will be confirmed in that email.

The confirmed email can be printed out or saved to phone to check in hotels and receiving transportation service.


II. Regulations and forms of payment


1. Payment method

TGROUP accepts payment in the following forms:


a) Payment via bank transfer:

The total amount that customers have to paid will be confirmed by a sales staff of TGROUP. The payment will be transfer to TGROUP via VCB Bank or Nam A Bank account. The sales staff will make payment procedures and issue tickets to customers via email.


Domestic Bank Account information:



Account number VND: 504 0592370 56789

Bank: Nam Á Lâm Đồng




Account number VND: 056 1000 615 789

Bank: Vietcombank Lamdong


International Bank Account information:



Account number USD: 504 0592370 99999

Swiftcode: NAMAVNVX






Account no VND: 056 1000 615 789

Swiftcode: BFTVVNVX056





b) Cash payment at the counter:

The total amount that customers have to paid will be confirmed by a sales staff of TGROUP. The payment will be paid in cash to a salesperson at TGROUP office and customers will receive tickets for the payment.


c) Online payment:

TGROUP website allows online payment. Customers choose the tour, press BOOK NOW, fill in customer information, select online payment method, transfer payment via payment gateway (Onepay), and follow Onepay instructions. After paying successfully, you will be back to confirmation page of TGROUP.


2. Payment Procedure

Choose a payment form.

Follow simple payment instructions at the website, customers will complete the payment quickly and safely.

All orders must be made via website.

Customer information will always be protected because we use third party payment security. TGROUP does not store any personal information of any customer. Even when customers have chosen 'Save card information' option, all your credit card information is encrypted and stored by the payment gateway; and TGROUP do not have right to access to your card information.


3. Order confirmation

Booking confirmation

Certain services are stated to be confirmed immediately. In addition to these Services, the time required for confirmation stated on is for reference only. The actual time required for confirmation may vary.


Buy and use Vouchers

Through this Website, you can purchase Service Vouchers ("Vouchers") provided by Suppliers, who have been signed with TGROUP, at various destinations. Depending on the supplier's policy, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase containing the Voucher confirmation number ("Confirmation Number") and a printable version of your Voucher.

In order to use your Voucher, you must arrive on time at the meeting point designated by the relevant Supplier and present documents and/ or information required by the Supplier. The required docs and/or information may include Confirmation Number and/ or printout Voucher. If you do not appear on time or do not present the required docs or information, you could not use the Voucher and will not be refunded.

A supplier may also ask you to provide identity document with your photo to use your Voucher. Neither TGROUP nor the Supplier is responsible for the loss, destruction or theft of Vouchers and Confirmation Numbers. Vouchers will be invalid if the relevant Services provided are prohibited by law. If you try to use Vouchers illegally, the respective Provider may reject your Voucher and will not refund.


Voucher Terms

Terms of use for each Voucher may vary among Suppliers. You will be informed all restrictions applied to the use of Vouchers, including, but not limited to, minimum age when you purchase the Voucher on the Site.

As for vouchers that are entrance tickets for one-time events ("Events"), the date(s) that Vouchers can be used will be recorded on those Vouchers. If you do not use your Vouchers or do not use before the lasted date(s) listed on Vouchers, you will not be refunded unless the refund is specified at such Vouchers.


III. Return and cancellation policy

1. Policy of cancelling tourism service

Please note that each tourism package and each tourism service such as car, hotel, etc. have policies relating to booking, cancelling, refunding. Those policies were displayed on each specific service products and will be applied by TGROUP.

In general, the policy of cancelling tourism services that TGROUP applies abides the following principles:

* Retail customers: less than 10 hotel rooms, or 1 transport vehicle 4 to 7 seats.


Peak season Off-season
No charge for cancellation of tourism service more than 14 days before arrival No charge for cancellation of tourism service more than 07 days before arrival
50% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 07 to 14 days before arrival 50% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 03 to 17 days before arrival
100% of total tourism service fee if canceling less than 07 days before arrival 100% of total tourism service fee if canceling less than 03 days before arrival
Tourists booking tourism services but not coming / not using: 100% of travel services


* Group guests: from 10 hotel rooms or more, from 2 or more transport vehicles.


Peak season Off-season
No charge for cancellation of tourism service more than 45 days before arrival No charge for cancellation of tourism service more than 30 days before arrival
50% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 30 to 45 days before arrival 50% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 14 to 30 days before arrival
75% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 14 to 30 days before arrival 100% of total tourism service fee if canceling from 7 to 14 days before arrival
100% of total tourism service fee if canceling less than 14 days before arrival 100% of total tourism service fee if canceling less than 07 days before arrival
Tourists booking tourism services but not coming / not using: 100% of travel services


- is committed to providing Members a simple and effective refund procedure. Please note that curtailing vacation duration in peak season, during periods of high demand of tourism services, during conferences or trade fairs, or not cancelling travel services before the specified day after confirming the booking of tourism services, Members may be subject to a penalty imposed by the hotel. If a PENALTY fee is issued, this amount will be deducted from the refund amount.

- Member's confirmation letter will show the due date of cancellation of the tourism service (ie the deadline for Members to cancel to avoid incurring any travel cancellation fees). In general, the due date for canceling travel services is 14 days before arrival. The penalty is usually the one-night stay for the hotel, 30% for the transport vehicle, unless otherwise specified in Member's confirmation email.

 - Except for the notice of cancellation of travel services for each specific hotel, requests for cancellation of tourism services are sent in the ways listed below. In general, cancellation performed before the expiration date of the tourism service cancellation specified in Members 'confirmation, Member will be refunded 100% of of total tourism service fee (except for some services that cannot be returned, have been notified in advance with the Member' consent). The refund will be transferred within 10 days from the date TGROUP receives the request. All requests for cancellation after the expiration date of the tourism service stated in the Member's confirmation will also be processed within 10 days, and all applicable penalty charges will be deducted from the refund.

- In most cases, curtailing vacation duration will be refunded within 10 days, after deducting the penalty fees if any. If Member notifies (in any way listed below) before curtailing his stay, can expedite the refunding. However, if the Member informs after paying the tourism service, the refund due to curtailing will take longer because some hotels may confirm the exact date Member spending at the hotels slower than expected. If the refund for Member is likely to be longer than 10 days, will notify the Member by email when receiving Member's request.


2. Refund policy

a) How to request a refund

First, please check the cancellation policy of the activity you choose to see if you are eligible for a refund. Then email or call our hotline and we will process your request.

b) Refund conditions

Please check the cancellation policy of the activity you choose to see if you are eligible to cancel. In very few cases, the activity you booked has been canceled. In those cases, you can choose to book on another date or request a full refund.

To request a refund, Members contact in any way listed below:


Call: (+84) 2633 506 043 (Member will have to pay phone charges) to notify



c) Refund period

If you pay via online payment gateway, the refund will be transferred immediately after we release it. If you pay via credit card, it will take 5-7 working days, or up to 30 days for certain banks to receive your refund.

If these days are past and you still have not received the refund, please send an email to


IV. Secure transactions

1. Ensure payment safety

The payment system of secures personal information of Members and ensures the safety of the credit transfer. will not charge until the booking of the travel service is completed. However, an email will be sent to the Member to confirm the booking of tourism services. You can rest assured payment via Onepay, the main payment gateway of TGROUP.


2. Ensure safety of booking tourism services

As for tourism services confirmed immediately, TGROUP is committed to ensuring the safety of booking services (i.e. customers can definitely use the service). As for event with "Confirm within 24 hours" announcement, TGROUP will check the availability of the service and will confirm by Email no later than 24 hours after the service be ordered. If this service is no longer available, you will receive a full refund.

In case a Member has received a confirmation of successful booking from TGROUP, except for force majeure, but due to fault of TGROUP’s partner(s), the Member cannot using the confirmed service and equivalent services are out of order, please immediately contact 24/7 Customer Support Center by phone number(s) listed on Member's hotel bill.'s Customer Support Specialists will arrange a tourism service with similar facilities and equivalent services. Although this is due to fault of TGROUP’s partner(s), in order to ensure the service quality of TGROUP and the satisfaction of Members is put on top, we will proactively handle it in advance to eliminate the problem. Besides, we will pay the shipping fee for customers to move to the alternative location and apply 10% discount for the Members on the total amount of the tourism service. Until then, we start to work with our partners on the responsibility of causing problems to you.

If the Member(s) does not accept the alternative hotel, will refund the entire amount of the tourism service plus one night (equivalent to the actual cost to stay one night at the hotel based on the initial tourism service order, including all taxes and service charges).


V. Other terms

1. Price

TGROUP reserves the right to request payment of fees or charges for any Service provided by TGROUP. You will pay all applicable fees, as described on the Website related to the Services of your choice.

TGROUP reserves the right to change quotation for fees or charges at any time based on notification to you by email or posting on this Website. Using or continue to use the Services provided by TGROUP after receiving such notification constitutes your acceptance of any new or modified charges or fees.


2. Termination

a) Terminated by TGROUP

This Terms of Use will maintain valid when you use the Site or the Service. TGROUP may terminate or suspend your access to Service or your membership at any time, for any reason without notice, which may result in confiscation and removing all information related to your membership.

TGROUP may also terminate or suspend any or all Services and access right to the Site immediately without prior notice and without liability if you violate any term or condition in this Terms of Use.


b) Effect of termination

Due to termination of your TGROUP Account, your right to use the Service, access to the Site and any of your Content will immediately terminate. All terms of these Terms of Use, in essence must exist after termination, shall exist after termination, including but not limited to, terms of ownership and disclaimers liability and limit of liability.

If this Terms of Use is terminated by your breach, TGROUP reserves the right to cancel any unused Vouchers that you may have purchased prior to the termination date without reimbursement or liability.


3. Passport, Visa & Insurance

It is the responsibility of all passengers, regardless of nationality and destination, to check with the consulate of the country they will visit for current entry requirements.

Because visa and health requirements are subject to change without notice, TGROUP recommends that you verify the visa and health requirements with the appropriate consulate before departure.

TGROUP strongly recommends buying a Comprehensive Travel Insurance before departure.


4. Assignment

You may not assign, transfer or re-license these Terms of Use unless agreed in writing by TGROUP. TGROUP may assign, forward or authorize this Terms of Use and its rights and obligations without prior notice to you.

Terms of use have been drafted and understood in Vietnamese. All translations of the Terms of Use are for reference purposes only. In the event of any inconsistency between the Vietnamese version and the translated version, the Vietnamese version of the Terms of Use shall prevail.


5. Contact

Please contact TGROUP at to report any violations of these Terms of Use or ask any questions regarding the Terms of Use or the Service.



Address: 93 Ly Nam De, Ward 8 Da Lat, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Phone: (+84) 2633 506 043  -  Email: - Website: 


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