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Being recognized as the longest non-stop three-way cable car in the world by the Guinness World Records, Hon Thom Cable Car brings an unforgettable experience to the tourists. From An Thoi to Hon Roi, to Hon Dua and then to Hon Thom, the total length is more than 7,899m, it will only take you 15 minutes to travel compared to 30 minute traveling by train as before. With a high view, the tourists can see the entire clear blue sea, pristine old jungle, spacious and vast sky, and golden sand of Phu Quoc beaches..

Discovering Hon Thom Island: Hon Thom is likened to the pearl of An Thoi archipelago – south of Phu Quoc island (Kien Giang). Hon Thom Island is 5.7 km2 wide, wild and romantic. Coming to Hon Thom, you will come to the paradise of beautiful beaches with coconut palms on white sand and legendary check-in points which appear in the photos of every tourists.

Attractive underwater games: Flying high to get all the nature in sight, the paragliding service here brings moments of hovering amidst the clear blue sky of Hon Thom

The tourists who are passionate about speed definitely cannot miss the jetski. Slightly accelerate, glide through the silver waves and enjoy the unprecedented sense of freedom in the vast nature.

Aquatopia water park

Aquatopia Water Park opened in December 2019 promises to bring a lot of interesting entertainment options.

More than 20 adventurous games designed according to international standards are being completed to welcome the first visitors. As the most modern theme park in Southeast Asia, all the games are provided by two leading manufacturers who are Proslide Technology Inc, Canada and Whitewater West Industries Ltd, Canada..

Water sliding lines are a “specialty” not to be missed here. The pipes either 360 degree winding or straight sliding with high speed will bring visitors joyful moments in the clear blue water. Trio of unique games available for the first time in Vietnam such as the War of Python, Sea serpent Cruiser, Dragon riding the waves are ready to conquer the adventure-loving tourists.

Aquatopia Water Park is designed and divided into 6 unique zones. Coming into each zone, the tourists not only experience the theme games but also check in with vivid scenes in accordance with the concept of each zone.

Zone 1: Tropical fruits

Discovering the tropical world, the tourists will be extremely surprised at giant bananas, pineapples, mangoes … in a funny and lovely shape..

Zone 2: Marine creatures

The kid tourists coming to Aquatopia Water Park cannot ignore the beautiful marine creatures such as lovely and colorful starfish, coral, jellyfish and stickleback. All of them are racing to come to the ground creating a space filled with joy.

Zone 3: Wild animals

Stepping into the lush palm forest, be “careful” when stepping into the area of wildlife. The stone alligators are ready to “greet” you.

Zone 4: Sea monster

Completely contrary to the lovely sea creatures, sea monsters are fierce, their rough and thorny bodies will give the tourists creeps when standing in their sights.

Zone 5: Aboriginal

In the unexplored wild land, just say “hello” to a mysterious aboriginal tribe who is still preserving this land.

Zone 6: Cướp biển

Being overwhelmed with the priceless gold depot in the den of pirates, the tourists will have the opportunity to play the role of famous pirate films with unique photos.

Diversified food

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park offers the tourists a diversified food world in both taste and style.

3-region buffet restaurant at Bai Trao, Hon Thom is a destination not to be missed for the gourmets who love Vietnamese cuisine. Delicious cakes, warm soup and fresh seafood dishes are ready to serve you.

At An Thoi departure station, the tourists can both enjoy coffee at Panorama Cafe while admiring the natural beauty of Hon Thom.


- Opening hours of Sun World: 8:00 am ~ 06:00 pm
- Operating hours of the water park: 10:30 am - 04:30 pm


- Selected services


- Other personal expenses



- You will receive an e ticket (T-pass) within 2 working days after registering the service
- Please store your e-ticket (T-pass) in your mobile phone or print it out and redeem it at the ticket counter at the entrance to proceed and join the activity
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- Children under 100cm: Free

- Children from 100 to 140cm: Child ticket

- Children over 140cm: Adult ticket


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