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Established in 2016, T-Tourism science is a non-profit organization which is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. T-Tourism was born from the enthusiasm and ideas of a group of Master’s and PhD students at the University of Hanyang with the mission of sharing the knowledge of science, technology and the life experience of studying with the community.


Shortly after beginning operations, T-Tourism received support and consultation from various domestic and foreign authorities, entrepreneurs, professors, university teachers, researchers, scientists, and graduate students. They have worked together to develop T-Tourism into a professional organization, providing diverse articles rich in content, as well as high quality products and services.


T-Tourism Vietnam officially began operations on January 1, 2018 with a mission to create positive change and sustainable development for society and the community. Our non-profit activities include but are not limited to:


1.     Sharing high quality and influential scientific papers, theses, themes, and science projects.

2.     Sharing article on economics, society, culture, cuisine and recreational activities from around the world.

3.     Introduce, analyze and evaluate science and new technology from advanced countries around world.

4.    Share experiences about student life, travel and tourism.

5.     Supporting entrepreneurship through consultation as well as sharing experience and business plans.

6.    Sharing experience and new approaches for the sustainable development of economic and societal activities.


T-Tourism is committed to providing only "Clean", "High Quality" and "Original" information and materials.


T-Tourism uses science to explain issues about society and life.


We believes that the challenges of the world can only be solved with the participation of all members in the global society.


TGROUP is committed to providing you with the best value. Come, travel with us.


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