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** Inluded
- Green fee
- Caddie fee
- Shared cart fee
- Meal

** Not included
- Caddie tips (~15$/18 holes)

** In normal weather conditions, but the guests decided to stop the game for personal reasons. The golf course will not offer refunds.

** At least 2 golfers during the week, at least 3 golfers on weekends.

Harmonie Golf Park stands as an exemplary golf destination, catering to esteemed members and guests seeking an exceptional experience. Positioned advantageously near the heart of Thu Dau Mot city, golfers are greeted with invigorating energy, pure air, and a temperate climate. Encompassing an expansive 90-hectare area, the 18-hole course boasts impeccable design, meeting international quality standards, thanks to the expertise of the renowned architect Jim Engh from Colorado, USA.

At Harmonie Golf Park, golfers are presented with a stimulating challenge, navigating through impeccably manicured greens and fairways that gracefully curve around bunkers. Notably, Harmonie Golf Park holds the distinction of being the first and only golf course in the South of Vietnam to permit carts on fairways. Additionally, it is the sole golf course in Vietnam to employ an automatic driving range ball system.

Spanning across 3 hectares, the Driving Range offers golfers a convenient and picturesque setting, allowing them to experience the sensation of playing on real grass courses. Committed to delivering top-notch service, Harmonie Golf Park is set to unveil its new Clubhouse in March 2019. With this enhancement, Harmonie Golf Park aims to elevate the golfing experience, providing customers with five-star service delivered by professional, enthusiastic, and friendly staff. In the near future, Harmonie Golf Park pledges to exceed expectations, ensuring that every golfer enjoys the ultimate pleasure on the course.



★ Golf Information



★ Guidelines for golf booking


1. Reception Inquiries
Select your desired golf course, package, date, and number of players to instantly check the cost (quotation). Request additional options such as shuttle services for golf course transportation., equipment rental, accommodation preferences, and more.

2. Provisional Quotation

Upon receiving the customer's reservation request, we confirm golf course availability within 30 minutes during business hours.
If the golf course availability is confirmed, we generate and send a provisional quotation. Kindly review the quote and relay any necessary modifications or additional requests.
Once the revised quote, inclusive of any changes, is approved by the customer, we proceed with the actual reservation for the golf course and other amenities.
The provisional quote is for reference only and not a confirmed quote. Prices may change, and tee times may be subject to change during the reservation process.
In the event of changes after the reservation is made, we will reconfirm availability and inform you accordingly.

3. Validated Quotation
After you have made changes to the requested details, we will resend the confirmed quotation and schedule.
Once you have reviewed and confirmed the desired details, we will proceed with the reservation for the golf course.
Along with this, we will provide information on the payment deadline and payment details. If the payment time is delayed, there is a possibility that other customers may take the allocated time, so it is advisable to complete the payment as quickly as possible.

4. Payment Processing
When we receive confirmation of the reservation from the golf course, the payment policy will be presented. You are required to make the payment according to the payment policy.
TGROUP accepts payments via bank transfer or credit cards. Please choose one of these payment methods to complete the transaction. 
The voucher/confirmation will be sent via email. By presenting the voucher/confirmation at the golf course to receive service instructions.

5. Using Service 
If you have completed the round and are satisfied, we would appreciate your feedback. We will use your feedback to enhance our services and strive for an even better experience.


★ Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 30 days in advance: Full refund.
Cancellation 20 days in advance (21-30 days): 10% fee.
Cancellation 10 days in advance (11-20 days): 30% fee.
Cancellation 5 days in advance (6-10 days): 50% fee.
Cancellation within 5 days (day of departure-5 days): 100% fee.
The cancellation period is calculated on working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
Cancellations must be communicated directly to TGROUP or via email and must be confirmed by TGROUP. We do not accept service cancellations over the phone. 


★ Rain check policy



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